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Welcome to DownhouseTown, a website that brings LGBTQ Artists and Individuals together and promotes them as a whole. 

let's on. In order to be featured in our Magazine just send some information about yourself via the contact page. We will contact you as soon as possible to let you know which issue you will be part of and its release date. Making the cover isn't always as simple as asking, but it doesn't hurt to do so. We want everyone to know that they are loved and worthy to be put on our waiting list, and therefore given their turn to have their photo made front and back.


ISSUE #4 was a big milestone for DHT Magazine and really helped us to expand in a new direction thanks to Rovo Monty's unique style gracing the cover. Every issue since has evolved in style and content.

Let us tell your stories


We are a large community with many stories to share. Together we can inspire, teach, and even warn of the dangers we have encountered in our lives. Coming together is our goal and everyone has a place in our magazine.


We have come a long way and still have so much more to do 

Hope is unending as we hold onto it for a better future for all.

Love is a pool that we dive into and wish never to dry ourselves from.



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